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Atlantis Flo-Cell® drainage cell
The original Atlantis Flo-Cell® system is world's best practice in effective drainage systems

  • efficiently drains excess water while retaining an optimum moisture level - ideal for promoting plant growth in planter box and roof garden applications
  • simultaneously reduces urban flooding and conserves water resources
  • the permeable modules can be installed horizontally or vertically and are easily configurable to meet project specifications
  • faster installation than traditional drainage systems
  • structurally engineered to be used in drainage-critical applications such as planter boxes and roof gardens
  • manufactured from recycled, hard-wearing polypropylene, the product is indefinitely resistant to chemical and bacterial attack for long-term service
  • ideal for sports fields, civil works, retaining walls, bio-filtration, groundwater recharge and general landscape applications
Typical Applications -
The Atlantis 30mm Flo-Cell® subsurface drainage system is ideal for all roof garden applications from intensive to extensive designs to podium landscapes to planter box drainage solutions.
  Wall Panels -
Wall Panels are suitable for retaining walls, foundation walls, basements, underground carparks, bridge abutments, civil structures, tunnels, seepage cutoff trenches and anywhere hydrostatic pressure relief is required. Perfect for controlling water seepage.
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